Soap grater dispenser

A common problem reported is that in public toilets, schools, markets, health posts and other public places, soap disappears: dropped in drains, eaten by goats or rodents, taken for personal use. Resulting in soap not being there when needed. This is why we developed the XOPI soap grater dispenser.

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The XOPI (c) is a soap dispenser that uses locally available bars of solid soap. The dispenser grates soap, much like a cheese grater, and releases fine grated soap flakes for easy use. The soap is safely locked in a plastic (recyclable) container with a key-less lock, which prevents easy removal. The XOPI complies to European standards for user safety and use of materials. It is a very sturdy and durable device. The product safety and durability is tested by the renowned certifying body TüV.

More information about the Xopi